P's first Ice Castle

This past weekend, we made our annual trip up to New Hampshire to visit the Ice Castle. Last year I was pregnant during our visit, and I remember saying that I could not wait to bring our littlest Darling for the first time.

Walking around there with her was jus as magical as I imagined. She, on the other hand, was indifferent. Haha. Like any 8 month old, she was more interested in the other people and trying to tear off her hats. Next year. Next year she'll go down the ice slides and she'll love it for sure. 

This is and always will be worth the 2 hour car ride. 


Sorry for the photo overload, but we got so many awesome pictures on our camping trip last weekend and it was super hard to narrow them down. Sure, it was a ridiculously cold at night and we froze our butts off in that little tent, but Acadia and Bar Harbor more than made up for it with it's beauty and sunshine during the day. 

P.S - you can see a few night shots form our camping trip last year here (I restrained myself that time). 


If you've never been to Costa Rica, you should go. Add it to your bucket list. It is a ridiculously gorgeous place. And if you do go, make sure you spend some time in the Rio Celeste area. Because, you see, this river.... this river is THAT blue. That bright turquoise blue is real life, not photoshop. And it is completely mesmerizing. So Boo and I spent our 4 days of vacation staring at this water and pretending we were in some far away fairytale land. And I already wanna go back and do it all over again.

swim top: Victoria's Secret

swim bottoms: American Apparel

sunglasses: Warby Parker

hat: Target (old)

overalls: thrifted


Doesn't it look like I'm sitting in front of some fake background? I swear you guys, this was real life. But being there in person was, in fact, UNREAL. So ridiculously beautiful. And a total Elsa moment. 

I've been wanting to visit one of the Ice Castles locations since we missed our chance last year. So I made sure we didn't miss it this year, and we drove the couple hours up to New Hampshire on a random Wednesday evening. You know what? Other than the crazy crowds of people, it was every bit as magical as I expected. Seriously magical. We stuck around until after dark to see it all lit up, too. And as cool as it was, I much preferred it in the daylight. I mean, just look at those photos! 

P.S - If you are ever in Lincoln, NH, stop at Gypsy Cafe and get the grilled cheese fondue. You won't regret it. 

hat: Urban Outfitters

snood: ASOS

cape: American Apparel

boots: Sorel


Boo and I spent a few days this past weekend up in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, ME. We hiked, did some night kayaking in bioluminescent water, and even got a night of camping in! We actually picked the perfect weekend for it. Perfectly clear sky for star gazing, and a fall chill in the air at night (but not too cold). 

I'll share some more photos from the rest of the weekend soon!


Happy September, friends! I hope your long weekend was filled with sunshine and good sales. 

While it mat be the 'unofficial' end of summer, I'm not ready to give up on it yet! We still have plenty of warm and sunny days left, and I plan on taking full advantage of them. Something Boo and I have never done, in the 4 years we've lived in Boston, is take the ferry out to any of the Boston Harbor Islands. So this weekend, we did just that! We explored George's island, which is home to civil war-era Fort Warren. 

Prepare yourself for photo overload...