DIY Shaving Cream Marbling


It's been so long since I've shared a DIY with you guys! I really love this one, and I've done it in the past (although I'm still perfecting it, as you'll see!) I'm going to show you how to paint a marbling effect with shaving cream. I'll show you how to use fabric paint and fabric so you can create all sorts of cute little sewing projects. But note that you don't necessarily need to do this on fabric. If you use regular craft acrylic paint, this could work on a sturdy paper or canvas, or any other surface you want to try. I would think its the same process, though!


  • shaving cream
  • baking pan/cookie sheet
  • white fabric ( try to stick with a natural fiber like cotton) 
  • fabric paint (if you can't find fabric paint in colors you like, you can mix acrylic paint and a fabric paint medium to make it more flexible for fabric)
  • a straight edge, like a ruler
  • large plastic or garbage bag underneath everything to contain the mess

Squirt a bunch of shaving cream onto your cookie sheet and smooth it out. You can use a toll or something to smooth out the cream, but i just use my hand. It's fun to get messy, and it smells so good!


Squirt on you on your fabric paint whichever way you want. Streaks, squiggles, small blobs. Just avoid large blobs of paint. Layer on your colors and have fun with it. 

(So I actually did this next step two ways because I wasn't happy with the first go round. But I'm going to show you it anyway and the result, in case you DO like how it looks.)


It's time to swirl . For this first one, I used a skewer stick (a toothpick or something else small would work too) to create small swirls. Swirl lightly just on top of the shaving cream, you don't need to dig into the cream.  

After this, I added a few more squirts of red and orange and swirled a little more. I'm going to jump ahead a couple of steps to show you the finial result from doing it this way:


This is what it looked like from using a stick to create small swirls. Not really what I was going for, so I tried a different swirling method you'll see below. But by all means, if you like this look, go for small swirls!


Ok, so I started over with my shaving cream. I squirted on my paint, and then swirled with my fingers and hand. VERY gently, and just on the surface of the shaving cream. If you mix too much, you'll just end up with a muddled mess. 


Carefully lay your fabric down on top of the shaving cream. Gently pat and rub the fabric to transfer the paint. Don't push too hard or rub too hard. Or, again, you'll get a muddled mess. 


Gently pull back the fabric off of the shaving cream. 


Lay the fabric down flat with painted side up. It's going to look messy because there is a lot of excess shaving cream sticking to it. 

This step is probably the most difficult part. I've done this painting process a few times in the past, and this is the part that I tend to mess up on and cause me to start over. So just note that you may have to try the whole thing a few times to get it right. Have plenty of supplies on hand to do a few versions. 

You need to use your straight edge to veeery gently and softly scrape off the excess shaving cream. I do this in small sections, because the cream will build up on the straight edge. So I do small sections, and wipe it off in between. Be VERY gentle with a soft hand. If you press too hard, you'll smear the paint and end up with straight edge paint lines.

** As you can see, this DIY is all about being very gentle and soft handed. **

You don't have to get every last bit of shaving cream though. You'll be washing it later, so the rest of it will come off. Just try to get the majority of it. 


I had a larger piece of fabric, so I repeated everything a second time to cover the rest of it. And this was my result! Not exactly perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. 

Let the paint completely dry on your fabric. And go ahead and clean everything else up!


Once the paint is completely dry, hand wash it really well. 

Ring out, let dry, and press if needed. If you do press it, iron it from the wrong (non painted) side, or use a pressing cloth. Don't press right on top of the paint. 


That's it! Now you can do whatever you'd like with your fabric. I turned in the edges and stitched to create a cute little hand towel for Penny's play kitchen. In the past, I cut out pieces for eye masks, and even did it on cotton canvas to create zipper pouches. Sky's the limit! If you have the patience, you could repeat all over a large yardage of fabric to make larger items. 


Handmade Wardrobe // Ruffle River


This is my favorite and most worn version of all the River tops and dresses I made! It's made out of a slightly heavier, light blue chambray.  I added a little ruffle detail to the raglan sleeve seam on this one, and made sure to include a how-to post as part of the sewalong on Design Diary. You can find that here

P.S - neck scarf is from Target, jeans are from Urban Outfitters. 


Penny's Handmade Wardrobe // Checkmate


I've been sewing a lot for Penny late too, and thought this one deserved its own post. I mean, just look at that little model!

It's Simplicity 1470 (I can't find it on the website), but I left off the waistband and back bow because of lack of fabric. But still oh so cute. This might be my favorite thing I've made her. I might as well stop making things now, because she's just going to live in this all summer. My work here is done. 

Her sunglasses are from Roshambo Baby, purse and shoes are Old Navy (find them under 'Penny's Closet' at the top of the page!)


Handmade Wardrobe // Another Tee Dress


I told you I make a lot of these tee dresses! This one felt like it needed another fun detail, so I took a page out of my own book and added ruffles to the shoulder seams just like my Rowan bodysuit

Also - yes, I'm wearing my favorite Mama & Little teething necklace. No - Penny is no longer a teething baby. But yes- I still wear it all the time. 

Also also - Penny's jumpsuit and sandals are thrifted babyGap, so not currently available!


Owl Love You 2 The Moon : Penny Turns Two!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seen all of these photos from last weekend. But I wanted to document them here too, because my baby is TWO! We had a small birthday party with friends over MDW, Daddy made her a galaxy cake, Mama went overboard decorating with balloons, and Penny got a scooter, binoculars, sit-n-spin, and so many toys. 

We love our big girl, and I'm still in denial that she's already two. Wasn't she born, like, yesterday?


P.S .....

Penny's dress : hadmade

Penny's turban: Nelly Lou

2 the moon balloons: Studio Pep

leterboard: Oak & Made

pink tray (under the cake): Target

Ain't Nobody Love You Lilac I Love You


Do you guys have a favorite smell? Mine are :

  1. lavender
  2. lemon
  3. lilacs

Seriously, I could stand there with my nose in a lilac bush all day. And it looks like Penny discovered the amazing smell, too! We took a golden hour trip to Spy Pond last week to see this giant display in all its glory and give Penny some time on the playground. I just wish the season lasted longer because I know by the next time we go there, they will be gone. 

P.S - mine and Penny's shirts are from Mama & Little!


Snapshots : Orlando, FL // Magic Kingdom and Harry Potter


You guys, we came up with the idea of doing a Disney trip the night of my birthday. We booked it the next day and were on a plane a couple weeks later. That's crazy for us because we never do last minute trips! I'm a planner. But we wanted to squeeze in a trip before Penny turned two, so we could still fly her for free on our laps. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos from the trip! Surprisingly, I didn't take nearly as many photos as I though I would or that I normally do. I guess I was having too much fun to even think about pulling out my camera. Oh well!

We only had one day to spend at Disney, so we chose Magic Kingdom since it is the most toddler friendly out of all the parks. You guys, Penny did SO good and loved every minute of it. I'd been to Disney World when I was younger, but this trip was so much more fun watching her enjoy it. We rode the teacups over and over and over and she thought it was the very best thing every time. She also loved the Dumbo ride and all the singing fish on The Little Mermaid ride! Turns out she likes seeing all the characters from afar, but meeting them up close was disaster haha (see the photo below with poor Goofy). She took a nice long stroller nap while we sat near the castle and listened to one of the shows, and she picked out a Mickey bubble wand and kid's stationary kit as her souvenirs. And that hat. That freakin adorable hat that she kept on her head THE WHOLE DAY. We seriously did not want to leave at the end of the day. I can't wait to take her back again (and take more photos next time haha). 


We debated what to do the next day. Should we do Animal Kingdom? Harry Potter World? 

Ultimately we decided to do the park hopper pass to Universal Studios becauseas a diehard HP fan, I can't be in Orlando and NOT visit Harry Potter World. We got engaged there 7 years ago when it was only one side of the park, and I've been dying to go back. This time we got to finally see the Diagon Alley side and ride the Hogwarts Express. I highly recommend it to any big Harry Potter fan. It is seriously so magical. I didn't think it was possibly, but the Diagon Alley side is actually even cooler than the Hogsmead side. 

BUT. While I'm happy we did it and I LIVE for that place, Universal isn't exactly small toddler friendly. Unlike Disney, even most of their kids rides have height requirements that someone Penny's size doesn't meet. While she did enjoy her first truly leg and taste of bitterer, there were only 2 rides in Seuss land she could ride. She did enjoy the rope course play area in Jurassic Park though, so that come highly recommended from my almost-2 year old if you ever visit. 

Like I said, I'm glad we visited this time. But next time (hopefully next year!), I think we'll concentrate on Disney for Penny!


Handmade Wardrobe // Ash Jeans


You guys - I made jeans! Megan Nielsen Ash jeans, to be exact. 

Since the sewalong I created for Design Diary is kicking off this week, I thought it was the perfect time to share these photos. Ash is a 4-in-1 pattern. With it you can create a mid-to-high rise pair of stretch jeans with either a skinny, slim, wide, or flared leg. It also has 3 inseam options - regular, tall, and cropped! Here, I've made the skinny version, slightly cropped. For reference, I'm usually a size 24 in denim, and made the 24 in these jeans with very little adjustments! I only let it out the hips a tiny tiny bit. Also, I took these outfit photos before I added the rivets, because I'm impatient, ha. But I've added in a few flat photos so you can see the rivets, too. 

I have to say, I was a little nervous to make jeans. I'd never done it before! But it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. A little time consuming, sure. And detailed. But not very hard!

If you've already bought the Ash pattern for yourself, don't forget to check out the sewalong on Design Diary! And if you haven't yet or still need supplies, Meg also stocks all the notions you need here