Handmade Wardrobe // Ruffle River


This is my favorite and most worn version of all the River tops and dresses I made! It's made out of a slightly heavier, light blue chambray.  I added a little ruffle detail to the raglan sleeve seam on this one, and made sure to include a how-to post as part of the sewalong on Design Diary. You can find that here

P.S - neck scarf is from Target, jeans are from Urban Outfitters. 


Handmade Wardrobe // River and Axel


I'm back with another one of my Rivers! These photos are from back in February, hence the longer hair and lack of spring-iness haha. 

Anyway, this one is the knit top version, made out o a scuba knit. I paired it with my old Axel skirt (see it worn here). Not much to say about this one. It's such a simple and satisfying make - a perfect beginner's pattern! I made zero adjustments on this one. It's straight out of the pattern envelope! Well, PDF, but same thing.

have you fallen in love with River yet!? I still have 2 more versions to show you. I’m kind of obsessed with this one.  


Handmade Wardrobe // Pink on Pink on Pink


I'm so excited that Megan Nielsen released two new patterns today - River dress and top, and the Ash jeans! I've been working with Megan the last few months to create the sewalongs for these two patterns (coming soon!), and I've been dying to share with you all of the goods I've made along the way! I made four Rvers and one pair of Ash jeans!

We'll start out with one of my River dresses. What's great about this pattern is the versatility. It can be a dress or top, made from woven or knits, belted or loose, has optional pockets, and is reversible from v-neck to rounded neck! Here, I've made the woven dress version in linen. I chose to do contrasting colors for the raglan sleeves, and included the pockets and belt loops to have the option of belting it.

If you scroll all the way down, you can see that I have two sets of photos. The second set is from right after I made it back in February. I wore it belted. Since then, I've raised the hem a tiny bit and cuffed the sleeves a little more, too. Which is what you see in these photos up top here. I also opted to skip the belt the second time around, which I  think I love it this way the most! But I like having the option to belt it if I want to. 

What do you think? Do you prefer the belted or unbelted style? And who has already bought themselves a River pattern of their own!?

Keep and eye out over at Design Diary within the next few weeks for the sewalongs I created for both River and Ash.


handmade wardrobe // Ruffle Rowan


This Megan Nielsen Rowan bodysuit has been sitting in my to-do pile since the beginning of fall. Why has it taken me this long to put on a bodysuit?! I definitely need more of these in my closet. You can officially count me as bodysuit obsessed. 

I made this one in a really soft and stretchy sweater knit, and added my own sweet ruffle detail to the turtleneck version. Perfectly me <3


handmade wardrobe // babydoll

New Look 6518

Alright, while my last handmade top was a pleasant surprise, this one was.... eh. 

For one, it's a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. I have no problem with tank tops and even off the shoulder tops, but there is something about thin little spaghetti straps that has never really been my thing. Second.... I was in too much of a hurry. I just wanted to get it done and over with, and I didn't do any pattern fitting. And yeah, it ended up being a little bit too big in the bust. Not that bad, it still works being a little looser fit. It just would better if it fit right. 

So yeah, I dunno. It sewed up quick and easy and I actually like the look of it in general. Maybe I can force myself to take the time and salvage the fit? We shall see. 

top: handmade / New Look 6518

pants: Loft (old)

handmade wardrobe // pink plaid

I've been slacking with the blog lately. I posted this outfit to instagram last week, but never got around to posting it here. Whoops. 

Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised with this pattern. I'm all for off the shoulder looks (obvs), but something seemed a little odd about this one. It actually turned out better than expected, and I definitely think it will get a lot of wear in this last half of summer. 

top: handmade - simplicity 8381

scarf: Loft

bracelet: Mama & Little (use code HOLLY for 15% off)

shoes: Loft