My latest shopping obsession has been matching sets, like this mini windowpaned Lou & Grey pair. Loft and Lou & Grey has been making so many of these, and I can't help but snatch them all up. Double the fun, double the wardrobe options!

P.S - I was featured in the Boston Globe's Sunday Instagram column over the weekend! You can see the article here :)

top: Lou & Grey // LOFT

skirt: Lou & Grey // LOFT

coat: Target

necklace: By Beep

booties: DSW


Doesn't it look like I'm sitting in front of some fake background? I swear you guys, this was real life. But being there in person was, in fact, UNREAL. So ridiculously beautiful. And a total Elsa moment. 

I've been wanting to visit one of the Ice Castles locations since we missed our chance last year. So I made sure we didn't miss it this year, and we drove the couple hours up to New Hampshire on a random Wednesday evening. You know what? Other than the crazy crowds of people, it was every bit as magical as I expected. Seriously magical. We stuck around until after dark to see it all lit up, too. And as cool as it was, I much preferred it in the daylight. I mean, just look at those photos! 

P.S - If you are ever in Lincoln, NH, stop at Gypsy Cafe and get the grilled cheese fondue. You won't regret it. 

hat: Urban Outfitters

snood: ASOS

cape: American Apparel

boots: Sorel


Hey look! An outfit post! It's been a while, huh? I gave up on the idea of taking outfit photos after the second snow storm (or was it the third? fourth? I dunno, I lost track). But it only takes one balmy 35 degree day to make it feel like spring around here. So I broke out the celebratory polka dots for the occasion :)

coat: Forever21

purse: Accessorize

top: Loft

pants: Forever21

sneakers: Converse


There isn't a themed outfit I love more than a Valentine's themed outfit. The pink, the red.... be still my heart. Oh! And the hearts!

head scarf: thrifted

top: Loft

coat: Forever21

jeans: Loft

sneakers: Gap