I'm no stranger to snow storms. But when said snow storm results in a snow day off of work, it kind of makes you feel like you're getting away with something. Like when you're a kid and a snow day means a day home from school. So obviously you have to venture out into said snow storm and play like you're a little kid. And take lots of pics, obis.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have saw this matchy set when I posted it from work and asked if it I should get it. But really, was it ever really a question? Obviously I was getting it. And obviously I wore it ASAP out to brunch with some blogger ladies.

A new outfit and eggs benny adds up to the perfect Sunday. 

glasses: Warby Parker

scarf: gift

top: Loft

skirt: Loft

bracelet: shopHollyDolly

rain boots: JCrew


This was supposed to be my New Years outfit. But since I was sick in bed for the entire first week of the new year, and didn't even make it to 9pm on New Years Eve, it never saw the light of day. But you know, whats wrong with some shiny, glittery gold legs on a random friday? Nothing, I say. 

sweater: Lou & Grey // Loft

necklace: Loft (similar)

leggings: handmade // Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings

booties: DSW


I've had the image of Maddie's plaid maxi skirt (and the whole look, really) stuck in my head ever since she first posted her version a few months ago.  So I finally got off my butt and took the couple of hours to make my own. Verdict? OBSESSED. Well, obsessed with the maxi length for now, anyway. I can easily see myself eventually chopping it to a midi or knee length and sporting something like this look. Probably more versatile and practical. But for now I'll rock my crazy plaid maxi. 

hat: H&M

glasses: Warby Parker

tee: stolen from Boo

jacket: c/o Sheinside

skirt: handmade