handmade wardrobe // Mommy and Me Tania

both of our sweaters: H&M

both of our culottes (not skirts!): Megan Nielsen Tania culottes and mini Tania culottes in a rayon blend dot print from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics


Ok, I’m just going to start off by saying that I’m obsessed with this set of photos and these outfits! I mean, look at that chunky sweater on Penny, omg.

But anyway, could you guys tell that these were both culottes and not skirts? That’s my favorite thing about this pattern. Look Ma - they’re pants! And guess what, Megan is currently offering Mommy & Me bundles for both the adult and mini patterns! So now is your chance to grab them now, If you want to try some twinning, too.

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Photo Oct 27, 3 35 37 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 37 47 AM.jpg
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handmade wardrobe .. mommy and me briar and virginia


Both our outfits: Megan Nielsen Patterns Briar tee and Virginia Leggings, mini Briar tee and mini Virginia leggings

Fabrics: rust modal rib knit from Blackbird fabrics, and black/grey athletic knit from Joann Fabrics


I made these Virginia leggings a while back (with a yoga waisband! You can find the tutorial on Design Diary here), and while I didn’t have any fabric left over, I did have some similar fabric to finally make a pair for P too.

And while I was at it, I might as well throw in some matching Briar tees, as well! Because why not, haha. I made them both in a really drapey modal rib knit. I kept mine simple with no fancy details, and the longer length to be more comfortable worn with leggings. For Penny, I wanted to add more details so she would be more excited about it. Luckily, Meg includes multiple patch options with both patterns. So I added a contrasting heart applique and matching contrasting bands. She was so excited when I showed it to her! Although you may not be able to tell in these photos - she wasn’t acting herself when we went to take these. Usually shes pretty happy and smiley and totally into it, but not this time. Well we found out why an hour later… she threw up all over herself and her cute new outfit. She was, and has been, fine since then, but oh man! That was a rough evening. And yes, the outfit is fine too, after a go in the washing machine haha.

Megan is currently offering Mommy & Me bundles, so you can get these adult and mini patterns together at a special price!


handmade wardrobe // fall tones

my top: Friday Pattern Company Adrienne blouse in a striped knit from Blackbird Fabrics

my pants: Style Arc Tully Pants in a linen/viscose from StoneMountain and Daughter Fabrics

my shoes: Target

Penny’s shirt and turban: both self drafted in same knit fabric

Penny’s jacket: H&M

Penny’s pants: thrifted

Penny’s boots: Target


I told you to expect another pair of Tully pants. Totally obsessed with this pattern. This time, I made it out of one of my favorite drapey, slubby linen blends. I made a pair Spring Shorts in this same fabric and love it. so much so that I’ve bought it in 2 more colors for future projects.

Another new favorite pattern, and my second version, is the Adrienne blouse. I mean, can we just take a second to appreciate those sleeves? It’s such a quick and easy make with such impact.

Not much to say about this set. Just some favorite makes in some favorite fabrics paired together. If you haven’t tried either of these patterns out, I highly suggest them!

Photo Oct 28, 3 19 30 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 28, 3 19 03 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 28, 3 20 31 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 28, 3 19 13 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 28, 3 17 17 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe // Witchy Vibes, mommy and me with Measure fabrics

my dress: McCalls 7946 in a tiny dot silk/cotton twill from Measure Fabrics

Penny’s jumpsuit: Hello Dear Kids harem jumpsuit, in same fabric

my shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Penny’s hair bows: June and January


Seriously feeling these October witchy vibes in this look.

When I received this fabric from Measure Fabrics, I knew it had to made up into a special dress. It’s a twill, but a light weight and super soft twill. And a silk blend- so special! It drapes beautifully, but isn’t so lightweight that its sheer, I really didn’t need a lining at all. Seriously, I don’t know how else to describe the feel and drape of this fabric, it’s such a dream! One if those magic fabrics that could be made into almost anything - a special evening dress, a fun jumpsuit or floaty wide legs, a pretty blouse, etc. But my favorite part of the fabric? That itty bitty dot print. I love small details in fabric. And from far away this may look like a sold black or dark grey, but then you get up close and see those little polka dots, and UGH, so cute.

So like I said, I really wanted this to be an October witchy-feeling dress. I ended up going with a pattern that I have used once before. I made another version back in June, a sleeveless one. To be more fall appropriate, I sewed up the sleeved version this time around and OMG THAT SQUARE NECKLINE IS EVERYTHING. I want all my necklines to be this shape. It’s seriously so perfect. And it’s also a pretty easy pattern. It looks detailed and possibly complicated, but its not. The casing and elastic is a bit time consuming, but super simple and beginner friendly. Especially if you use store-bought bias tape like I did- hand made bias tape would take the difficulty (and yardage amount) up a notch), so be aware of that if you want to make one yourself! But I just feel like the combination of this fabric and silhouette couldn’t be a more perfect match.

I debated what to do with the leftover yardage for P’s outfit. I originally was thinking a dress for her too. But as the weather gets colder, there is no denying that she’ll get more wear out of pants. I actually have made her one of these jumpsuits before, too, so I knew it would be perfect for her. I love how the little ruffle detail along the top edge matches the little ruffle detail of the bottom half of my dress. What do you think? Is her a jumpsuit a good match to my dress, or would you have gone with a dress for her too?

Photo Oct 17, 4 26 13 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 24 55 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 28 29 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 23 55 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 28 55 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 21, 2 08 13 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 29 29 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 26 52 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 17, 4 26 06 AM.jpg

handmade wardobe // checks and apples

Photo Oct 13, 9 36 13 PM.jpg

my overalls: Marilla Walker Roberts Collection dungarees in gingham seersucker (plus lining) from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics

my top: Friday Pattern Company Adrienne Blouse in a cupro modal knit from Style Maker Fabrics

Penny’s: dress: Simplicity 1470 (made last year. pattern not available on website anymore)

Penny’s turban: self drafted

Penny’s Cardigan CottonOn

Both of our boots: Target


I tend to write about how much I love my newest makes. But honestly, they’re not all winners. Some don’t turn out the greatest. I’ve been imagining black and white gingham overalls for awhile now, and was pretty excited to finally get to them. But in the end, these ones aren’t love.

I think it first started with my fabric choice. Instead of purchasing a new gingham print, I decided to use this seersucker gingham that I already had in my stash. And its sheer. So I lined the whole thing. Ok, no problem. But probably not the best coice for this type of garment. Secondly, I think I just chose the wrong pattern, too. I was actually envisioning a more fitted pant, but the Roberts Collection dungarees are a looser, relaxed fit. Not an issue with the pattern, I think I’d like the look in another fabric, just not what I was picturing for this project. I slimmed it out in the legs a bit after the fact, but it really could’ve stood to be taken in at the waist, too, to really slim it out and make it more fitted. And because I waited until the end to take out some bulk in the legs, the inside of the garment is kind of a disaster. I know this isn’t visible from the outside, but it kind of drives me crazy. And lastly, seersucker isn’t the easiest to work with when working with prints with straight lines. Seersucker is textured and bubbly, and as much as I painstakingly and carefully cut everything out to keep lines straight, the bottom edge of the bib ended up being skewed. HOW?! I’m still not sure how this happened. And I didn’t have and spare fabric to re-cut it. So I was left with an uneven line at the waist seam, making my eye twitch every time I look at it. This is probably the worst of the problems for me, because it is the most obvious. I know any one looking at this isn’t going to know that this isn’t the shape I envisioned or that the insides are messy, but you can see that uneven waist seam from a mile away.

In the end, it’s wearable, sure. It looked pretty cute from afar at the apple orchard, and standing next to P in her matching check print. But it’s not love. And when it’s not love and has too many issues, it probabaly won’t survive my closet. I have a feeling it will eventually end up in the scrap bin to try and repurpose the fabric. C’est la vie. Maybe I’’ll attempt the same look again some other time, with a different pattern and fabric weight.

On a brighter note, I also made this buttery soft Adrienne Blouse at the same time and it definitly IS love. Love this pattern. Super easy and quick make, and fits like a glove. I’ll be making more of these!

I also made Penny’s dress….. last year. When I made it, I purposely added a very wide hem. It’s wide and has a loose fit, so I knew if I was able to just unpick the hem and lengthen it later on, we would get extended wear out of it. And that’s what I did! A year and half and still going strong with this dress. It actually has some sweet little ruffles that are hidden under the cardigan.

Photo Oct 13, 9 37 58 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 13, 9 50 55 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 13, 10 21 52 PM.jpg

Handmade Wardrobe // Esme and Tully

Photo Oct 10, 3 59 55 AM (1).jpg

cardigan: Named Clothing Esme cardigan (simplified hack) in a brushed sweater knit from StyleMaker Fabrics

pants: Style Arc Tully pants in a lightweight bleached denim from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics

tank top and shoes: Target


I have two new handmade makes in this outfit, both of which I had very different experiences making!

First - these Tully pants. Remeber my obsession with the Spring Shorts over the summer, and how I made 5 different verisons of them. Yeah, these are the fall verison of that for me. They are peeeeeeerfect. And I’ll probably make another couple of pairs before fall is over. I had to make no alterations and the fit is perfect straight from the pattern. I really like it made up in this lightweight 6.5 oz bleached denim, but now I’m kind of curious what it would be like made up in a slightly heavier denim to more like a pair of fancy jeans.

And then there was this cardigan. Oh man, this cardigan. It took me three days to finish this thing up because it just was not going well. I wanted to make an Esme cardigan but cut short just below the pockets. Literally nothing went right in the process. And I realize now that It’s not anything to do with the pattern, but with my fabric selection. The pattern calls for a medium to heavier weight fabric with very little stretch, and I chose this very lightweight, very stretchy and drapey and droopy sweater knit. As a result, the pockets drooped, the placket was all twisted and funky, and the whole thing just drooped and was sad looking. I ended up cutting off the placket and cuffs, and just turned under the raw edge with a little knit hem tape for stability. I also stitched the pocket bags to the front of the cardigan, so that the stitching is visible from the front. This helps the pockets not droop quite so much. In the end, It doesn’t really look like an Esme, more like a much more simplified version of it. But for all the issues, I still think it turned out pretty good in the end!

Photo Oct 10, 4 06 20 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe // mommy and me leopard

my dress: True Bias Roscoe dress in a silky faille from Spoonflower (designer is Michelle Aitchison)

my boots: Target

Penny’s skirt: self drafted


Remember the leopard print from my last post? The sublt pink leopard print? This is the same one, just in bolder colors! It’s from the same designer, bought on Spoonflower (link is above). Except this one I got in the silky faille fabric. It’s a tad bit thicker than the crepe de chine I got the other colorway in. Its not at all sheer and really silky to the touch. I really like this one!

I’ve been on a True Bias patterns kick lately, between Ogden, Calvin, Hudson, and now Roscoe. My first Roscoe! And I’m in love. I went with the shorter dress/tunic length of the bodice, but used the longer/wider ruffle hem of the midi dress view for my perfect length.

I only had a strip of fabric left over in the end - not close enough to squeeze out a dress for P, too. So I went with my go-to, super quick and easy make for P to match me - an elastic waist gathered skirt. One rectangular piece of fabric, one seam, a quick casing, and some elastic. Voila - a skirt. I have a tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary if you need help with this simple sewing project! I added some buttonholes and a black drawstring on this one too for just a bit extra.

Photo Sep 29, 4 37 25 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 29, 4 36 44 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 29, 4 42 03 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe // Sudley dress, and matching Cottesloes, too!

dress: Megan Nielsen Patterns Sudley dress in a burnout organza from Joann Fabrics (no longer available)

swimsuits: Megan Nielsen Patterns Cottesloe and Mini Cottesloe (tutorial for peplum and skirt) in a rust swim fabric from Blackbird Fabrics (no longer available)


Its a two-in-one post! Or rather, three-in-one! Back in July, I made another set of matching Cottesloes for me and P to wear to a beach party. For these ones, with just one hack technique, I created two different looks - peplum bottoms for my two piece and a skirted one piece for Penny! You can find the tutorial for how to do this over at Megan Nielsen Design Diary.

I also made a really fancy beach cover up using this sheer/burnout organza, and you guys, I’m in loooooooove. Exactly what I was imagining. And that little keyhole detail in the back of the Sudley (can be worn in the front, too!) is just too cute. Because It’s sheer, I had to take extra special care to make the inside pretty as well. Since you can see it! So I finished all seams with either french seams or bias bound edges. I have a really pretty mustard yellow silky fabric that I want to make a slip dress out of to wear underneath, so I can wear it off the beach, as well!

Photo Jul 23, 12 14 33 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 28, 8 53 39 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 28, 9 35 12 PM (1).jpg
Photo Jul 28, 9 03 54 PM (2).jpg

handmade wardrobe // lovely Sudley

top: Megan Nielsen Sudley blouse in crepe de chine from Spoonflower (designer is Michelle Aitchison)

jeans: Megan Nielsen Ash jeans

boots: Target


I don’t make a lot of woven blouses, especially longer sleeved woven blouses, so I needed to fix that! How cute is this little Sudley one? I simply used the cropped bodice length of the dress view, but shortened the skirt to peplum length. I also lengthened the sleeves to just below my elbow, and added an elastic casing at the sleeve hem. Easy peasy! One of my favorite things about the pattern is that it is reversible - the keyhole can be worn in the front or back!

Love love love this fabric! I’m kind of obsessed with Spoonflower. Not the prices, but the infinite options. I’ve been really into leopard print lately, after years of being anti-leopard print, ha. But this one subtle and cute. I also chose the crepe de chine because I liked how lightweight and floaty it was for this style. It is sheer, so a cami is needed underneath. But that was anticipated.

Photo Sep 24, 4 55 22 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 24, 4 53 11 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe //dress of my dreams

Photo Sep 23, 3 43 30 AM.jpg

my dress: New Look 6616 in an Atelier Brunette viscose from D&H Fabrics Co.

Penny’s tank: Megan Nielsen Mini Eucalypt, altered.

Penny’s pants: older H&M


I am on a roll making some freaking good dresses. This is another dream one! It has two of my favorite things - high square neck and ties. And THIS FABRIC. OMG this fabric. I’m so in love. It is a lightweight viscose and is a bit sheer. I lined the top, bit not the bottom because I didn’t want to add too much weight to the dress. But it’s not an issue because I have a nice collection of slip skirts that I can wear underneath. The pattern did need some adjustments. First of all, the straps were too long. I had to take those up by about 3/4”. And the bust, geez. There is no bust darts because it is just cinched with the sash ties, so that seemed perfect for me. But omg it was still so big in the bust and underarms. I had to take it in by more than 1 1/4” at each underarm, graded down to the waist. Luckily it worked it out. The last thing - not the biggest fan of the construction - specifically the zipper/bias binding. Doing the binding first and leaving the zipper until the very end left the top edge of the zipper unfinished and feeling a bit messy. I would suggest leaving the binding unfinished at the center back, sewing in the zipper, and then finishing the binding over the zipper for a cleaner finish.

For Penny’s, I didn’t have a lot of fabric left to play with, so I made her a quick tank using the mini Eucalypt. I wanted a higher, crew-neck style blouse though, so I raised the neckline quite a bit and added a slit in the back with a hook and eye. I also finished the edges with contrasting bias binding, instead of bias facing, using leftover binding from my Calvin wrap dress.

Photo Sep 23, 3 44 59 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 49 40 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 46 36 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 45 08 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 48 43 AM.jpg