This post is overdue - that computer problem really threw a wrench in my blog schedule.

But if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a few weeks ago when I was posting about my #firstfreshkiss and the Fresh Blue Box visiting Boston. Now, I had used a few Fresh products before. I had one of the Sugar Lip colors and have used a bottle of the Rose Toner for a long time now. But since visiting the Blue Box, testing out more Sugar Lip treatments, and learning more about the company, I have completely fallen in love with the brand. I've had the opportunity to try a whole bunch of Fresh products, and so far so good with all of them. But by far, my favorites are the scrubs - the Brown Sugar Body Polish (Boo loves this one, too), the Sugar Face Polish, and the Sugar Lip Scrub. The feel so good, smell so good, and the lip polish even tastes so good. Mmmmm so yummy. 

Have you ever used any Fresh products? I also have the Soy face cleanser and the Lotus face and eye creams, but I'd love to know more about the others available!

P.S - you could still enter for a chance to win a year supply of Sugar Lip Treatments by submitting your #firstfreshkiss story here!

***I really do love this brand. Products were provided, but all opinions are my own ***

leaf sweater: Loft

dot bag: Loft

mascara: Dior

BB Cream: Maybelline

Blush: Maybelline