The last time I made a pair of leggings with this pattern, they were a bit, um, flashy. This time around I opted for a really lounge-y grey rib knit. And I’ve pretty much been living in them around the apartment ever since. I knew they would never make it to an outfit post, giving the lounge factor. So I grabbed the tripod (and Henry, too) and documented them on a snowy morning. 


leggings handmade using Megan Nielsen’s Virginia pattern









It’s official, Henry really does not like the snow. Like, really really. Don’t worry - he was only out there for a minute and then he was back to being warm and cozy in his favorite…. cardboard box.

I really don’t blame him though. We are now burred in snow and hoping that there is no reason to go outside into the negative degree temperatures. I’d be happy with this weekend consisting only of pajamas and soup and netflix. 

Stay warm, my friends. 

In My Life


» Apparently, according to Instagram, my life consists of a sleepy cat and a lot of fall leaves. 

» I have a coat addiction. I’m loving this yellow one, this grey cape, and this puffy one

» I just went through my makeup bag, replacing some old items with some new. I’m a huge fan of Stila and Benefit products, but I’m a also a huge believer in Dior mascara

» Hey Boston Bloggers - will I be seeing you at the next Boston Blogger Holdiay Meet-Up? December 3rd. Mark you calendars!

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Happy Halloween


Happy halloween, my friends.

We were pretty original with our costumes this year. A lot of effort went into these, as you can see :). But really, after all the work that was put into last years costumes, we decided to keep it pretty low key this year. 

And besides, I don’t think Henry really understands the idea behind Halloween. He wasn’t a fan of the mummy costume we tried putting him in, so he decided to go as a strikingly beautiful, well-behaved black cat instead. 


on a side note - this halloween has turned into an actual nightmare, as my grandpa passed away yesterday morning. It was quite a shock, and everything is kind of turned up side down right now. I had today’s (I still couldn’t help but share) and tomorrow’s posts scheduled already, but things may be a bit quieter around here next week. Thank you for understanding. 



In My Life


» Last weekend, along with some other Boston area bloggers, I got a chance to do a really fun photoshoot with Vizio Optic. In other words, I got to play model and wear some really adorable glasses and sunglasses. I’ll be sharing those photos soon!

» You guys, I’m that cat lady now. My cat wears a leash. I’m both ashamed and amused. 

» It’s rainy. Which makes me reeeeeally lazy today. In the battle of sewing/ jewelry making vs. watching a lot of TV…. TV is winning. Ugh. 

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