Ain't Nobody Love You Lilac I Love You


Do you guys have a favorite smell? Mine are :

  1. lavender
  2. lemon
  3. lilacs

Seriously, I could stand there with my nose in a lilac bush all day. And it looks like Penny discovered the amazing smell, too! We took a golden hour trip to Spy Pond last week to see this giant display in all its glory and give Penny some time on the playground. I just wish the season lasted longer because I know by the next time we go there, they will be gone. 

P.S - mine and Penny's shirts are from Mama & Little!


Mama & her Little

Photo Dec 09, 2 41 46 PM.jpg

Sometimes the bathroom just gets the best light ;).

So you know how me and P adore Mama & Little. Well now they have paci clips that match all your favorite teething necklaces and bracelets! Which is perfect because P just so happened to lose her clip recently, and you know she can't go anywhere without that thing nearby. Oh, and these tees are available, too! I'm completely obsessed matching with my little. My little Mama heart could just burst when we wear these together. 

Photo Dec 12, 2 16 22 PM.jpg

Mom Day Off

I got a 'Mama Day off' this past weekend, when Zach was on baby all day and I was free to do whatever I wanted. It was my first full day to myself since Penny was born. So what did I do? I headed into Harvard Square to try on all the clothes at Anthropologie, of course. Including this jumpsuit. And man, this jumpsuit kind of reminded me of toddler clothing (lol), but I was also obsessed with it and never wanted to take it off. So it came home with me. And I immediately put it back on for the rest of the day. Best purchase in forever. 

jumpsuit: Anthropologie

cardigan: ugh I don't know. Ive had it forever

necklace: Mama & Little (use code HOLLY for 15% off)

booties: DSW