In My Life - To NY And Back Again

Just a peek into my very eventful weekend. 


I traveled to NYC friday morning. And then back to Boston friday night. With just a few hours in between for a dress fitting, some shopping, and a visit to my old school.


We worked our butts off on more wedding related projects. Only 19 more days now! 


And we managed to make a trip out the beach on a windy, but quiet and relaxing day. 



How was your weekend?

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The Incredible Traveling Outfit


There was a lot riding on my outfit  for our trip to NYC this past weekend. We had a 4 hour train ride, followed by 4 hours of walking around the city before my appointment - so I needed comfort. The weather was looking unpredictable - so I needed layers. And I had my dress fitting- so I needed something easy to get in and out of. Plus, I didn’t have much room - so I need something I could pack easily into a small space the next day.

But I think I found the perfect combo! I couldn’t have been more comfortable all day. And, the weather ended up being gorgeous, so we spent the last couple of hours before my fitting just hanging out in the park. It was absolutely fantastic.


dress: Buffalo Exchange

hoodie: Urban Outfitters

jacket: H&M -similar

tote: Louis Vuitton

flats: Blowfish Shoes

Bright Lights, Big City


worn on October 17th, 2011

Unfortunately, this is the only other outfit shots from our time in NYC. We took one other set, but they didn’t turn out as good as I would like. Hopefully I’ll remember to re-create that outfit soon. Its unfortunate because I remixed the heck out of the few items I packed. 

But on to this outfit. After finding my dress the day before, we headed to Mood to find fabric to make my veil. I must say, its very me, and I’m just as excited about it as the dress! Hint - it maaaay involves polka dots and bows. Of course. 


p.s - I’ve taken outfit photos in public before. But in the middle of a busy NYC sidewalk? thats a first.

p.p.s - Thanks again seester for taking my photos!


tee: Gap

scarf: H&M

skirt: H&M

bag: THEIT

shoes: Chanel

Finding The Perfect Dress


worn on October 16th, 2011

This is what I wore on our first full day in NYC, which was also the day of my first (and turns out only!) bridal gown appointment. After trying on only six gowns at my first appointment, I decided on ‘the one’, and ended up canceling my other appointments. I was pretty impressed with myself - I really thought I would have to try on a lot more! For those of you that are married / getting married, how long did it take you to find your perfect dress?

(And then I snuck in a couple outfit photos in the salon. Obvs.)


p.s - thanks seester for taking my photos!


top: H&M

pants: Gap

belt: Express

scarf: H&M

boots: Vince Camuto via Macy’s

In My Life : NYC

Happy friday, everyone! I’m back from my trip to NYC for wedding dress shopping, and I thought I would share just a few snapshots of what we did:

(L) This is NOT my dress. I repeat: this is NOT my dress. No one is going to see that one until July ;). But it is one that I tried on. I was really digging the fabric texture and detail. Sorry, this as close as any of you are going to get to seeing my dress or any of the other ones I tried on. 

(R) I’m not just saying this because I’m a Daniel Radcliffe fan - How to Succeed in Business was absolutely brilliant. And I would recommend anyone see it (preferably before Dan’s run is over). 

(L) With my seester and momma out to dinner!

(R) A visit to Mood Fabrics (oh, how I missed them) to find fabric for my headpiece/veil.

(L) Ooooooooh, my favorite new york bagel with pumpkin cream cheese. I have dreams about this bagel, people. I cannot go to NYC without stopping to get one. Reminds me of my time at FIT :)

(R) A rainy train ride back to Boston.