handmade wardrobe // Ogden dress hack, round 2

Photo Aug 26, 3 23 47 AM.jpg

dress: True Bias Ogden Cami hacked into a gathered dress with tie straps, in a floral crinkle cotton from Joann Fabrics

hair clip: Amazon

purse: vintage, purchased at Crompton Collective


I’m going to keep this short, since this is the second time I’ve made this Ogden dress hack (see the first from earlier this month). Only addition was adding tie straps to this one! Love this hack, probably one of my favorites!

handmade wardrobe // Ogden Stripe hack

Photo Jul 26, 3 28 17 AM.jpg

dress: True Bias Ogden cami hacked into a dress

fabric: striped linen from Blackbird Fabrics


I love how this Ogden dress hack turned out! I know the amazing-ness of the Ogden cami isn’t new news, but I’ve only recently discovered just how good it really is. And I’m obsessed. For this one, I simply cropped the cami, and then added a large gathered skirt. That-s pretty much it! Super simple! Oh yes, I did add one more thing. The shape ends up being really wide and full. Which I like. But I also wanted the option of cinching in the waist a little more. So I added a couple of ties at the back waistline. I can tie it loosely and keep the silhouette very full, or tie it tighter and cinch in the waist.

And I was originally planning on using this striped linen for a different project, but honestly wasn’t 100% sure about it. So at last minute I scrapped it and cut out this dress instead (with barely and scraps to spare. It was a close one!). And boy am I glad I did. I love this so much better than what I originally planned!

Photo Jul 26, 3 30 57 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 23, 10 03 57 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 26, 3 30 39 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 26, 3 28 29 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe // ogden scalloped


dress: True Bias Ogden cami hacked to dress length with scalloped neckline, in a viscose twill

top: Megan Nielsen Patterns rowan bodysuit in a slub jersey knit

jacket: very old Forever21

So, I’ve had this idea for this scalloped v-neck slip dress in my head for a very long time now and I finally decided to make it happen. Well, if you follow me on instagram, you may have saw that it wasn’t exactly going how I had planned. I have done scalloped hems on shorts and skirts before that have come out beautiful. But for some reason, maybe because its a lighter drapier fabric and not a bottomweight that I worked with for the previous ones, but these scallops were just not coming out perfect. In fact, I re-did them 6 times. Six. They’re uneven and imperfect, which was making my eye twitch a bit and made me consider scraping the whole thing. But in the end, I decided I still liked the overall look of the dress, and you can’t really see the imperfections unless you’re right up close and personal. I’m just committed to never looking too closely at that neckline every again, ha!