Mommy and Me // matching dots


my dress: Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress, lengthened to maxi length

my shoes, Penny’s shoes, Penny’s dress : Old Navy

Both our jackets: H&M (mine is old, here is Penny’s)

Penny’s fanny pack: Target (girls, not toddler. I had to alter the waist strap. And I cut off the glittery bunny ears)

So this is not a new handmade mommy an me post. In fact, almost everything is RTW, except for my Darling Ranges maxi dress which I made years ago. You can see my past posts about it here and here. But Our matching polka dots were way too good to not share them here, too!


Camera Woes


You know what my biggest problem is with my camera? ISO. Specifically, forgetting to turn the ISO back down after having it turned up the night before. 


Always check your ISO, people. 



dress: handmade // Megan Nielsen Eucalypt

vest: Old Navy

sandals: Seychelles



If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that this past weekend Boo and I went to see Wicked at the Boston Opera House. The tickets were my anniversary present from Boo (someone listens to my hints). It actually was my second time seeing the show (the first was about 6 years ago in NYC), and I can definitely say that it is by far my favorite musical ever. Ugh, so so amazing. Anywho, I thought it would be a good night, and a good outfit, to give my new wood clutch from Uncommon Goods a whirl. 

If you have never heard of Uncommon Goods, they are an online retailer with some of the coolest collection of products. They strive to for uniqueness, and feature a lot of handmade goodness. Really, if you are looking for a unique gift (that is also affordable), you should check out this site. Before I was contacted by Uncommon Goods, I had already been a customer, and have received gifts from there as well. I’ve actually also been eyeing this bracelet for a while now. 

But back to the clutch. I love that it is not only handmade, but it is handmade form recycled and reclaimed wood. The natural vibe gives it a casual feel, but can easily be dressed up. Plus, it was just the right size for the essentials - my phone, my cards, and my lipstick. The only things a girl needs for a night out :)


P.S - I was provided this clutch in exchange for a review. But all opinions are my own. 

P.P.S - Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun giveaway with Uncommon Goods!







vest: Old Navy

dress: Target

purse: c/o Uncommon Goods

necklace: shopHollyDolly (coming soon!)

sandals: Seychelles

Jeans and Tee


I don’t usually document jeans and tee outfits here on the blog. I don’t really know why. It’s not like I don’t wear that type of outfit, it’s just not the type I usually photograph. 

This past weekend, Old Navy was hosting a pop-up shop in both Harvard Square and Boston to showcase their Rockstar and Boyfriend cut denim lines. Not to mention, the sweet Kendi was also there, helping out with styling sessions. Now, I already own some Rockstar skinny jeans, and really love them. But after receiving this lighter wash pair at the styling session, I think I’ve re-discovered my love for the classic jeans and tee outfit. 

Plus, this tee glows in the dark. So there’s that :). I couldn’t help but rescue it from Boo’s donate pile. I mean, how could you let such a gem go?!







tee: stolen from Boo

jeans: c/o Old Navy pop-up shop

bracelet: Fusing Colors

heels: Shoemint