handmade wardrobe // Mommy and Me Tania

both of our sweaters: H&M

both of our culottes (not skirts!): Megan Nielsen Tania culottes and mini Tania culottes in a rayon blend dot print from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics


Ok, I’m just going to start off by saying that I’m obsessed with this set of photos and these outfits! I mean, look at that chunky sweater on Penny, omg.

But anyway, could you guys tell that these were both culottes and not skirts? That’s my favorite thing about this pattern. Look Ma - they’re pants! And guess what, Megan is currently offering Mommy & Me bundles for both the adult and mini patterns! So now is your chance to grab them now, If you want to try some twinning, too.

Photo Oct 27, 3 37 17 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 37 23 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 36 08 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 36 48 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 37 47 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 35 37 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 37 47 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 33 25 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 40 36 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 40 38 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 3 40 02 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe // mommy and me leopard

my dress: True Bias Roscoe dress in a silky faille from Spoonflower (designer is Michelle Aitchison)

my boots: Target

Penny’s skirt: self drafted


Remember the leopard print from my last post? The sublt pink leopard print? This is the same one, just in bolder colors! It’s from the same designer, bought on Spoonflower (link is above). Except this one I got in the silky faille fabric. It’s a tad bit thicker than the crepe de chine I got the other colorway in. Its not at all sheer and really silky to the touch. I really like this one!

I’ve been on a True Bias patterns kick lately, between Ogden, Calvin, Hudson, and now Roscoe. My first Roscoe! And I’m in love. I went with the shorter dress/tunic length of the bodice, but used the longer/wider ruffle hem of the midi dress view for my perfect length.

I only had a strip of fabric left over in the end - not close enough to squeeze out a dress for P, too. So I went with my go-to, super quick and easy make for P to match me - an elastic waist gathered skirt. One rectangular piece of fabric, one seam, a quick casing, and some elastic. Voila - a skirt. I have a tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary if you need help with this simple sewing project! I added some buttonholes and a black drawstring on this one too for just a bit extra.

Photo Sep 29, 4 37 25 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 29, 4 36 44 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 29, 4 42 03 AM.jpg

handmade wardrobe //dress of my dreams

Photo Sep 23, 3 43 30 AM.jpg

my dress: New Look 6616 in an Atelier Brunette viscose from D&H Fabrics Co.

Penny’s tank: Megan Nielsen Mini Eucalypt, altered.

Penny’s pants: older H&M


I am on a roll making some freaking good dresses. This is another dream one! It has two of my favorite things - high square neck and ties. And THIS FABRIC. OMG this fabric. I’m so in love. It is a lightweight viscose and is a bit sheer. I lined the top, bit not the bottom because I didn’t want to add too much weight to the dress. But it’s not an issue because I have a nice collection of slip skirts that I can wear underneath. The pattern did need some adjustments. First of all, the straps were too long. I had to take those up by about 3/4”. And the bust, geez. There is no bust darts because it is just cinched with the sash ties, so that seemed perfect for me. But omg it was still so big in the bust and underarms. I had to take it in by more than 1 1/4” at each underarm, graded down to the waist. Luckily it worked it out. The last thing - not the biggest fan of the construction - specifically the zipper/bias binding. Doing the binding first and leaving the zipper until the very end left the top edge of the zipper unfinished and feeling a bit messy. I would suggest leaving the binding unfinished at the center back, sewing in the zipper, and then finishing the binding over the zipper for a cleaner finish.

For Penny’s, I didn’t have a lot of fabric left to play with, so I made her a quick tank using the mini Eucalypt. I wanted a higher, crew-neck style blouse though, so I raised the neckline quite a bit and added a slit in the back with a hook and eye. I also finished the edges with contrasting bias binding, instead of bias facing, using leftover binding from my Calvin wrap dress.

Photo Sep 23, 3 44 59 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 49 40 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 46 36 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 45 08 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 3 48 43 AM.jpg

Penny's handmade wardrobe // yo mama made this


I recently set aside some time to do some sewing just for Penny. I mean, I did use fabrics that were left over from my projects (that turban fabric is from my Rowan bodysuit from my last post), so she’ll still match me, but the time and the projects were just for her.

The top and jumper are actually from the same pattern - Simplicity 8706. Which is technically a baby size pattern, the largest being about size 18-24. Penny is between a 2T and 3T. So I just cut all pieces roughly a little larger than the largest size, and it worked perfectly! I’ll even be able to extend those straps a little longer for more length as she grows into it, giving it a longer life.

Turban is my own pattern that I use for Nelly Lou, and boots are from Target.


snapshots: sunflowers at Colby Farms 2018


Two flower field posts in a row! We're getting flower crazy over here!

Because of the heat wave we're had this summer, the sunflower field at Colby Farms bloomed earlier than usual. I love going here every year (even if it gets crazier and busier every year, too), and this year was extra special because Gramma and K-pa were here with us! Penny loved walking through the tunnels of the rows of flowers and saying she was "flower hiking". I hope she looks forward to this tradition every year like I do <3.

You can see all our other years visiting the sunflowers here (I love all of these photos so much!) - 20132014, 20152016, 2017 (not Colby Farm)

PS- my dress is very old H&M, Penny's dress and socks are June and January. Her turban is Nelly Lou.



You guys, I am so in love with this bag. As much as I liked the look of our last diaper bag, it just wasn't working for us like I wanted it to. It was always a hot mess. Everything was just shoved in there wherever there was room. Bottles were in one pocket, formula was buried in the bottom of the main compartment under diapers and toys and blankets, burp cloth in another pocket. Bla. 

Enter Pacapod. They have this brilliant design that involves two small pod bags inside the main bag. One insulated pod for feeding, another designed for diapering. They fit perfectly inside the main bag, but easily come out and can also be used individually (even have their own straps so they can be attached to your stroller by themselves!). Out to eat and need to head to the restroom to change a diaper? Just grab the changer pod instead of lugging the whole bag with you. Genius! 

When Pacapod offered to send me an Oban bag to try out, I literally squealed with excitement! I've been desperately wanting a diaper backpack to be hands-free. Since I actually usually wear P in a carrier when we are out, a backpack made so much more sense. The Oban can convert from a messenger bag to a backpack. So its nice to have that option. We've been out a handful of times now with this bag, and I'm loving it so far! We're staying a lot more organized and efficient than we were before. 

If there is one negative I've found (and it might just be with this style. They offer so many great options!), its that there isn't much room in the bag for extra items with both pods in there. You can put an extra outfit in the changing pod. And small toys, keys, wallet, etc. fit well in the front pockets. But there is no where to put, say, a light blanket or my Solly Baby wrap. It hasn't been too much of an issue yet, though. Especially since we've been trying to pack lighter and lighter as P gets older. So maybe it's a good thing, haha. 

Here's a breakdown of what we are actually able to fit in there, though:

Feeding pod - two (Comotomo) bottles, formula/snack dispenser, squeeze pouch, spoon, and bib. 

Diapering pod - handful of diapers, wipes case, change of clothes, diaper cream, travel size hand sanitizer. (changing pad is included, too!)

Other pockets: Covered Goods cover, Sophie, wooden toy, paci and clip, mittens, baby sunglasses, my wallet, phone, and keys. 

Pacapod offered me their product in exchange for a review, but all thoughts are my own. 

bonus, here's a happy baby in a swing:

diaper bag: c/o Pacapod

coat: Forever21

hat: old

booties: DSW

Penny's turban: BluTaylor

Penny's dress and jacket: Carters

P's first Ice Castle

This past weekend, we made our annual trip up to New Hampshire to visit the Ice Castle. Last year I was pregnant during our visit, and I remember saying that I could not wait to bring our littlest Darling for the first time.

Walking around there with her was jus as magical as I imagined. She, on the other hand, was indifferent. Haha. Like any 8 month old, she was more interested in the other people and trying to tear off her hats. Next year. Next year she'll go down the ice slides and she'll love it for sure. 

This is and always will be worth the 2 hour car ride. 

Mama & Little (& a Giveaway)

I'm hosting a giveaway over on my instagram, where you could win a $50 gift card towards your own Mama & Little teething jewelry! You have until Sunday night, so head on over there (@hollyjollydolly) to find out how to enter.

And if you don't win, don't fret! You can still use code HOLLY at checkout to get 15% off your Mama and Little purchase. 

dress: Lou & Grey (old)

necklace: Mama & Little

Penny's dress : Gap

Penny's jacket: Gap

Penny's bonnet: H&M

Penny's shoes: Freshly Picked

Baby Wearin'

Completely obsessed with this eShakti bomber jacket! I usually think of their customizable dresses when I think eShakti, but I branched out and found a real gem. 

And my baby looks pretty cute underneath it, too :)

jacket: c/o eShakti

jeans: Loft

socks: Loft

booties: DSW

glasses: c/o Francis Drake Eyewear

baby wrap: Solly Baby

baby's hat: c/o The Seam Designs

cute baby: made by me ;)