hanndmade wardrobe // mini cottelsoes

Photo Jun 16, 7 03 09 PM.jpg

swimsuits: Megan Nielsen Patterns Cottesloe and mini Cottesloe

gingham fabric: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

pink monstera leaf fabric: Spoonflower


Guys, I’m so excited to finally be able to share these with you of the newly released Mini Cottesloe swimsuit! I went a little crazy during testing and made P three new suits (you’ll see two in this post, I’ll show you the last one in another post).

You may recognize my suits and the fabrics from previous posts. Luckily I had saved all my leftover fabric after making mine, and had just enough to squeeze out Penny’s matching ones.

Just like with the mini Eucalypt, Penny fell just under the measurements for the smallest size 3. For the gingham one piece, I shortened the one piece by about 3/4”, but probably could’ve taken off a little bit more, too, or at least tightened up the elastic along the back neckline. See how there is a bit of gaping underneath the back ties? Thats where I would re-work it next time.

On the two piece, I left it as is, purposefully leaving it a little bit big. She only was going to wear this one a couple times this summer, so I wanted iit to fit her next year, too! Overall, I’m pretty happy with the coverage on her. I may add a little bit more width to the bum next time, though. Just my personal preference. The coverage is pretty good, but with a lot of movement (hello, toddler) it shifts a bit and rides up. Still not horrible, and shes not like, flashing everyone haha, but just thinking a small adjustment might help!

Photo Jun 16, 7 06 18 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 16, 7 05 12 PM.jpg

handmade wardrobe // mommy and me rompers

my romper: Peppermint Magazine / In the Folds playsuit (free pattern!)

Penny’s overalls: Hello Dear Kids

fabric: rayon/linen from StoneMountain & Daughter Fabrics

Penny’s shirt: Lulu and Roo

my hair clips: Target


Not much to say about this one, sorry guys! We recently got back from a week back home with family in farm country WNY and I am TIRED. You’d think vacation would be relaxing, but traveling and trying to see a million people and do all the things is HARD.

I used this neutral striped linen that I have been holding onto to make P and I some cute matching rompers. Mine is the Peppermint Magazine x In the Folds free playsuit, and it is soooo good. My favorite romper currently in my closet. High neck + non-fitted waist + tie straps is the recipe for my perfect garment. All my favorite things.

Penny’s overalls is the same pattern I used for her pink floral ones here, I just left off the ruffles!

Penny's handmade wardrobe // yo mama made this


I recently set aside some time to do some sewing just for Penny. I mean, I did use fabrics that were left over from my projects (that turban fabric is from my Rowan bodysuit from my last post), so she’ll still match me, but the time and the projects were just for her.

The top and jumper are actually from the same pattern - Simplicity 8706. Which is technically a baby size pattern, the largest being about size 18-24. Penny is between a 2T and 3T. So I just cut all pieces roughly a little larger than the largest size, and it worked perfectly! I’ll even be able to extend those straps a little longer for more length as she grows into it, giving it a longer life.

Turban is my own pattern that I use for Nelly Lou, and boots are from Target.


Owl Love You 2 The Moon : Penny Turns Two!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seen all of these photos from last weekend. But I wanted to document them here too, because my baby is TWO! We had a small birthday party with friends over MDW, Daddy made her a galaxy cake, Mama went overboard decorating with balloons, and Penny got a scooter, binoculars, sit-n-spin, and so many toys. 

We love our big girl, and I'm still in denial that she's already two. Wasn't she born, like, yesterday?


P.S .....

Penny's dress : hadmade

Penny's turban: Nelly Lou

2 the moon balloons: Studio Pep

leterboard: Oak & Made

pink tray (under the cake): Target

Mama & her Little

Photo Dec 09, 2 41 46 PM.jpg

Sometimes the bathroom just gets the best light ;).

So you know how me and P adore Mama & Little. Well now they have paci clips that match all your favorite teething necklaces and bracelets! Which is perfect because P just so happened to lose her clip recently, and you know she can't go anywhere without that thing nearby. Oh, and these tees are available, too! I'm completely obsessed matching with my little. My little Mama heart could just burst when we wear these together. 

Photo Dec 12, 2 16 22 PM.jpg

Match Your Mama

This subtle tropical print french terry fabric arrived a few days before we left for Maui, and I threw these matching outfits together last minute to add to our suitcase. Like, literally last minute. Unfinished hemlines and uneven shorts and all. Whoops. (The unfinished hem I'm keeping, the uneven pant legs I'll fix). But it was worth it. Because isn't wearing matching themed outfits the whole point of taking your kids on vacation with you? :)

my outfit: modified Megan Nielsen Briar top + some random old elastic waist shorts pattern

P's outfit: free pattern here

P's bonnet: also handmade, free pattern here

teething necklace: Mama & Little

both our sandals: Old Navy