Happy Holidays!!!


Man, is it really that time already?! I’m signing off for the next few days to celebrate with our families. So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my friends! Hope you’re days are merry and bright :) 

p.s - this is the photo we used for our Christmas cards this year. We were going for slightly ridiculous. I think it worked. 

Black and White and Snowflakes


We got our first snowfall this past weekend. And again yesterday.

It doesn’t look this pretty anymore. Now it’s all gross, as it always happens. It’s dirty and lumpy and icy and slippery and everywhere (EVERYWHERE) and in the way. But for a bit - within that hour after it first started - it was magical. 






coat: Sheinside

glasses: Warby Parker

hat: Urban Outfitters

snood: ASOS

pants: H&M

pumps: Nine West