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New Look 6518

Alright, while my last handmade top was a pleasant surprise, this one was.... eh. 

For one, it's a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. I have no problem with tank tops and even off the shoulder tops, but there is something about thin little spaghetti straps that has never really been my thing. Second.... I was in too much of a hurry. I just wanted to get it done and over with, and I didn't do any pattern fitting. And yeah, it ended up being a little bit too big in the bust. Not that bad, it still works being a little looser fit. It just would better if it fit right. 

So yeah, I dunno. It sewed up quick and easy and I actually like the look of it in general. Maybe I can force myself to take the time and salvage the fit? We shall see. 

top: handmade / New Look 6518

pants: Loft (old)