DIY Roundup


Remember when I used to do DIYs her all the time? I've been thinking about starting back up posting some again. I mean, don't get to excited, it will only be once in awhile HA. But it's something I want to try again. 

So I thought I'd I do a little round-up of some of my past favorites! I'll link every one to their original post. 


DIY Cat Eye Mask

I was so proud of this one! I loved making them so much, I even started making them to sell in my Etsy shop. Since Nelly Lou has started to take a different direction, I'll no longer be offering them for sale. So now is the time to re-visit the DIY and make one for yourself! 


DIY Game Board Beach Blanket

Zach and I used to use this blanket all the time at the beach! I'm thinking I might eventually make a larger circle one with a more toddler/small child friendly game. I'm not sure what that game would be though, so if you have any suggestions let me know!


DIY Simple Knit Bodycon Skirt

I've made a lot of these. I mean, this one pictured and the one in the DIY are both way too short for my lifestyle now, ha. But it can be made in whatever length you'd like. 



DIY Shibori Dyeing

This one was a hit and one of my all time favorites! I used the left fabric in this dress, but this could also be used for pillows, tea towels, etc. 


DIY Hand Warmers

An easy DIY for those colder months. Stick em in your pockets and then put your hands in there and you'll be toast warm!


DIY Off The Shoulder Dress

I actually did this DIY post for Megan Nielsen and it was a HUGE hit. It's an easy garment to make because its just a few rectangles, no actual pattern required. You can check it out over at Design Diary. 


DIY Transparent Clutch

Kind of a random one and not for everyone, but I think it turned out pretty cute! Good for heading to a stadium that only allows clear purses. 


DIY Passport Cover

This is a real oldie, and the post isn't formatted for my current blog format. But I remember a lot of people liking this one at the time, so I wanted to include it!

Those are some of my favorites! You can find some more in the DIY category on the left.