Handmade Wardrobe // back to basics


my skirt: handmade using basic elastic skirt tutorial on Megan’s Nielsen Design Diary, rayon crepe fabric from Harts Fabric

my tee: Everlane

both mine and Penny’s hats: Target dollar section

Penny’s skirt: also handmade using same tutorial  


 If someone, who has never seen a single thing ever but wants to try for the first time, asked you what’s the very first project they should try, what would you tell them! I would say a basic elastic skirt! It’s seriously the simplest project - no pattern, one rectangular piece of fabric, one piece of elastic, and basic seams. You can make it any size from kids to adult, and any length from above the knee to maxi (and everything in between!). I recently updated an old tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary with updated images and more thorough instructions. So if you are a beginner who wants to give it a try, check out the how-to there!

Not that you have to be a beginner to make one of these skirts. I have a few favorites in my closet, and love them all. And they are a nice quick project palette cleanser! Both mine and Penny’s skirts here are these basic elastic ones. Mine in a light drapey rayon at midi length, Penny’s in a crisper chambray above the knee. Same technique, two different looks! I also added a tiny bit of interest to mine with a slit in the (one!) seam and topstitching in contrasting thread.