5 Minute DIY Hair Clips

When I was putting together my rehearsal outfit, something felt like it was missing. I needed a little color. And I didn’t really own what I was looking for. So I whipped up these little hair accessories in, literally, under 5 minutes. I did end up wearing them for my rehearsal. And one of my bridesmaids loved them so much, she ended up stealing them and sticking them in her hair for the wedding the next day!

It’s actually pretty self explanitory, but here’s how I did it…..


What you need:


heart template

bobby pins

needle and thread or glue


1. Use your little heart template ( just cut one out of spare paper or cardboard) to cut out your felt heart. Also cut out a small rectangular piece that will fit across the heart. 


2. Slip the rectangle in between your bobby pin. place your rectangle/bobby pin on the back of your heart, and stitch or glue it down. Make sure to only attach along the longer edges of the rectangle, so you can still slide the bobby pin out. That way you can turn the bobby pin around and wear it on either side of your head without the heart being upside down. Does that make sense?

3. Stick em in your hair. Thats it! See, that didn’t take long.