May 6th, 2011

These were the least awkward photos I could find out of the bunch. You see, I didn’t take into account just how many people would be on the path at that time of evening when I said “hey, lets take my photos on the bike path on the way to the train. I don’t care if a few people stare- we’ll save time.” Yeah…. a few people. When we started taking them I became very aware of how many people were not only walking towards me staring at me, but also walking up behind me. Half the pictures, if I didn’t have an awkward look on my face, was of me turning around to see how close people were to me. Haha, ok - lesson learned. Not a comfortable photo spot for me. 

Oh, and I finally got me some new nude pumps! yaaaaay. 

Oh, and P.S- since I won’t be posting tomorrow… happy mommy’s day Mommy!

top: H&M

pants: Urban Outfitters

heels: Forever21