And Just Like That, It's Over


How was everyone’s Christmas?! Ours was fantastic. A crazy and whirlwind trip, but fantastic nonetheless. It’s always great to be home, but it also feels great to come back to Boston and get settled back into routine. 

It started snowing the day we got into Buffalo, and it never stopped. Probably one of my favorite parts of the trip! We currently do not have any snow here in Boston (just icky rain), but you can always count on Buffalo for a white Christmas. It wouldn’t be the same without those pretty white flurries! We did get out of there before the big storm rolled in, though. I hope all of you that were in the path of it are staying safe and warm!




sweater: Naomi and Lavender

shirt: Urban Outfitters

jeans: Old Navy

hat: Urban Outfitters

boots: Boutique 9

socks: Madewell