Another Pinspiration

worn on May 26th, 2011

You guys have seen this pin floating around on Pinterest, right? I really couldn’t wait any longer to give re-creating it a shot. Really, I don’t own similar things to everything in the outfit- only the chambray shirt and polka dot skirt. So I had to work with what I have. But I still super love it. 

Remember how I said I had the evening to myself? Yeah, well Boo never went to his work dinner. So while I did get my thrifting and Starbucks fix in, I didn’t get my Chipotle dinner and ridiculous movie watching. But thats ok, because it also meant Boo could take my photos after all! So we skipped off to the park ( we didn’t actually skip, but we should have), and I had a grand ole time sliding down baby slides and hugging random lamb statues. Good times. 

shirt: Forever21

skirt: handmade by me

belt: came with another skirt

shoes: Urban Outfitters