Continuing my obsession with crop tops, I present you with my outfit that I wore the Blog Better Boston: Style Summit. I’ve had this outfit planned out since  before I even had this skirt made up. And it worked out just as good in real life, as it did in my head. 

Now, I was a bad little blogger and deserve a slap on the wrist. I barely took any photos at the event. I know. Not cool. I was just too busy mingling and chatting with all the other lovely Boston bloggers to realize I had my own blogging duties! Please forgive me. But at least I had my iPhone permanently attached to my hand the entire day, so I did manage to get a good number of Instagram photos. 

But I seriously had a blast the entire day. I met some new blogger friends, caught up with Julie from Orchid Grey, met Tieka from Selective Potential, won a dress from Lulu’s, and learned awesome new stuff that I can’t wait to put to work here. Isn’t it amazing that after almost 3 years of blogging, there is still so much to learn about it?!

Thank you Amy, Alana and the rest of the Blog Better Boston and Boston.com teams for putting on such an awesome event!






crop top: American Apparel

skirt : handmade using Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt, my colorblock tutorial here

shoes : Seychelles

bag: THEIT