Black and Blue

December 17th, 2010

dress: Ray Cassin via Buffalo Exchange, cardigan and tights: U.O, shoes: Steve Madden

Worn For: I wore this out for mine and Boo’s weekly dinner date. To be honest, I was having a little bit of what Kendi calls a mirror vs. camera complex. I got this dress the other day at Buffalo Exchange. It seemed pretty perfect to me - Big ruffle at the bottom, girly bow up top. Just what I like. But I didn’t try it on. I mean its not fitted so it shouldn’t be a problem. And to be honest, I didn’t feel like shedding my eight layers just to try on one dress. Even as I put it on to wear yesterday, I thought I looked pretty cute. The mirror told me - Hey, this dress is girly and adorable and it looks pretty good on you. 

Then I looked at these pictures. In these photos, I feel like I look a bit disheveled. The dress doesn’t look the same as it did in the mirror, and why, oh why is my slip hanging so far out on one side? My hair? Oh my hair. My bangs have gotten to that awkward length where they are constantly in my eyes and I am too chicken to trim them myself. So I pinned them back at at last minute. Ugh. 

Well, as you can tell I’m not so thrilled with this outfit or these photos. But hey, the food was good, the night was good, and I am going to stop complaining now.