Blame It On The Rain

worn on May 16th, 2011

It has been raining a lot. Thats why I didn’t have an outfit post for you  yesterday (at least thats my excuse). When it rains, I instinctively resort to jeans and hoodies, and its not pretty. But I see in the forecast that its supposed to continue to rain for another 12 years. Or at least the rest of the week - but thats close to 12 years. So I guess I need to suck it up, put on some real clothes, and take some pictures. 

I had a lot of very silly photos from this shoot. Mainly because of this lollipop I found in my coat pocket. 

It was a strawberry shortcake Dum Dum. Because I know you were wondering. 

jacket: BB Dakota - purchased at a boutique in Buffalo, NY

sweater: Urban Outfitters

shorts and headband: Anthropologie

boots: Target