Brave New Girl

January 5th, 2011

sweater, shirt, and pants: Urban Outfitters, headband: Hollydoll (made by me!), gloves: gift, flats: Chanel

Worn For: sewing/cleaning, etc.

I’ve been taking my own photos with my tripod for awhile now, but I usually don’t venture far from our house unless I have Boo with me. But today I took my camera and my tripod and went to the park by myself. And it actually wasn’t that bad. I found a pretty secluded spot where I only had a couple people walk by and stare. I should do it more often. 

I’m wearing almost all Urban Outfitters. Not only that, but I got all the items on the same day. Weird. But seriously, remember those overalls I got for $5? I also got this plaid shirt for $5, and the pants for $14. Woo me :)