Creepsters Be Creepin'


worn on November 3rd, 2011

This outfit was created to go with my new DIY hair comb. Ta daaaaaaaaa…


So, I’m used to people staring and being creepy by now. It happens a lot, and I’ve mentioned it before. I get it. A girl standing there, posing, taking her own photos - its weird. But Its more something I expect when I’m taking them in public, not when I’m right in front of my own house. I was out taking these photos, and at the house directly across the street, two women opened their door and stood in their doorway as they stared at me until I finished. Whats worse is that I was directly facing them, so I had to face the awkwardness and see them as I was trying to pose. 

Come on people - just look, look confused and weirded out by the weird girl, and move on. No need to be that creepy. 

IMG_7364 IMG_7493

tee: Express

cardigan: JCrew

jacket: H&M

skirt: swapped

tights: Express

shoes: Marc By Marc Jacobs

tote: Swapaholics