Day 1 - Keeping It Simple


November 9th, 2010

top: Splendid (from Anthropologie), jeans: Gap, headband: Hollydoll, boots: Miu Miu, necklace: custom made by Metal Pressions and Ekate

Worn For:  Monday - few errands, cleaning around the house, a little sewing. Not that exciting of a day - so I stuck with a simple tee and jeans combo to start out my 30 for 30 remix. I realized today that all the pants I chose for the challenge are from Gap. Hmmm, well I guess I know what I like. Also, the headband was made by me - check it out in my etsy shop. But, my favorite part is………

My necklace. I’ve posted this necklace before, but I love it so much. Its a mix of charms that signify home for me. Showing: map of my town, Buffalo’s area code, Sabres dog tag, Miller olympic ring, and ‘Believe’ in braille (gift from my bf). There are other charms too, but they aren’t showing. I just love it. Its personal and unique to me.