Day 10 - Oh Look, Another Sabres Outfit



November 17th, 2010

tee: Sabres Store, yellow shirt: JCrew, pants: Gap, wedges: Mix NO. 6

30 for 30 remix - day 10: It was incredibly windy today, which did not make pictures easy. And I have this hilarious picture of a man walking by and me realizing he was there just as the photo snapped. It’s pretty funny, maybe I’ll post it later. 

Yellow, blue, yellow, blue - It’s in my blood. I love my Sabres, and its also fantastic that their colors are so awesome. It makes incorporating fan apparel into everyday outfits very easy. But really, the star of this outfit is my one accessory. It’s a little embarrassing, but you guys, I have a confession (see last photo)…..



My name is Holly. I am 23 years old. And these are my silly bands. 

And now you know.