Day 16 - On the Road

November 24th, 2010

dress and sunglaasses: H&M, tee: Gap, tights: Express, belt: ?, flats: Chanel, purse: Prada

30 for 30 remix- day 16: Earlier in the day, I tried to take my own pictures. But it was soooo incredibly windy that my camera wouldn’t stay still. Needless to say, it didn’t work out so well. So when boyfriend got home we packed up the car and snapped a few more before hitting the road. They aren’t so glamourous with that truck right behind me. Sorry, we were anxious to get going. But hopefully I’ll be able to get some really good pictures while I’m home!

Anyway, this is what I’m wearing for the long car ride home. Its perfect because once it gets later (and I start to get uncomfortable), I can take off the belt(s) and it is like wearing a night gown. If you can recall, this dress is actually a maxi dress. And I say belts because I am wearing 2. One underneath this little “peplum” i’ve created to hold to dress up higher. And then the floral one on top to (kind of) create the peplum effect. 

And this is me thinking the wind is hilarious, apparently: