Day 18 - Alligators Like Hot Dogs!

Worn on February 18th, 2011

tee and sandals: Urban Outfitters, shorts: JCrew, scarf: Gap

30 for 30 remix- day 18: Oh no! Our last day in Florida :( Goodbye 70/80 degree weather, goodbye wearing shorts and skirts without tights, goodbye free laundry in our hotel room. Hello…. 30 degree weather and so not fun laundromats. Poo. 

Anyway, Boo and I spent our last night here grabbing an incredibly yummy steak dinner and playing a few rounds of mini golf. I didn’t win. I rarely ever do. I always start out really good, but get careless by the end and just start randomly hitting the ball. Speaking of the golf ball, that hot pink clown nose I have down there? That was Boo’s ball. I chose a pretty sky blue one, and he went with …. hot pink. Haha. And then we fed some alligators (they eat hot dogs!).