Day 18 - Two For One Special






November 26th, 2010

Sabres tee and hat: Sabres Store, blue shirt and skirt: Forever 21, coat, gloves and tights: U.O, black tee: Gap, headband: Anthropologie, boots: Miu Miu

30 for 30 remix- day 18: I wore two outfits yesterday. One I wore during the day to hang out with the fam and stay cozy, and then I changed into the second to go the Sabres game (with my jersey over top of course). I just changed up the order of the layers on top, and changed from the skirt to jeans.

I was having a lot of fun with these photos. It was fricken freezing but the snow falling was so pretty. I was laughing in almost all the photos from the second set. I had my brother take them and he was really getting into playing photographer. It was pretty hilarious, let me tell you. 

Oh, and p.s - the Sabres won! woo hoo!!!!