Day 20 - Lake Effect




November 28th, 2010

top: Forever 21, dress (worn as skirt): H&M, hat: U.O, cardigan: C&C California

30 for 30 challenge- day 20: Ok, it wasn’t snowing at this time. Nor is this a lake. But Buffalo did get its first real snow while we were home. We have that sort of effect. It snowed in Texas last time we were there too. 

I feel like these 2 pieces are getting the most work in this challenge. I wear this shirt with everything, and this is the 3rd different way I’ve figured out how to wear this dress. Its a maxi dress, but not quite floor length. So I belted it around my waist and made it into a skirt. We drove the 8 hours back home this day, and I wanna wear this dress every time I travel. It is so incredibly comfortable. 

These last few pictures look like I am advertising Tim Hortons. Haha. No, i just really love my Timmy-Ho’s. I got it as much as I could while I was home. And if you look closely, you can see that I spilled it all over my shirt. Typical.