Day 22 - This Is More Like It

Worn on February 22nd, 2011

sweater & skirt: Anthropologie, shirt: Urban Outfitters, tights: Target, boots: Forever21

30 for 30 remix- day 22: Well thats a lot better. I feel more me in this outfit! My last few outfits have been kinda blah to me. Not bad, just not up to par compared to the other outfits I’ve put together. Kelsey had mentioned to me in one of the posts about wanting each days outfit to be better than the one before, and how that doesn’t always happen. It is so true! Especially working with the 30 for 30 - not all of the outfits are going to be stand-out. But I feel I’ve gotten myself out of that little funk. I really like this outfit. Colorful and fun.

So, my outfit is up to my standards, I feel fully adjusted to being back home, and I even had my motivation back to get some new projects going! I made a few new bows (which will be up soon), made a few patterns for new clothing items, and even started a new ReStyle project (also up soon).

P.S - I would like to thank Danielle from Merriweather Council for including one of my bow headbands in her weekly favorites. Go check out her blog, and her etsy shop! And I would also like to thank all the lovely etsians who have included me in their treasuries lately. They are all gorgeous!