Day 25 - Magenta Obsession




December 3rd, 2010

top: Diane von Furstenberg, scarf: U.O, gloves: Coach, pants: Gap, boots: Miu Miu

30 for 30 remix - day 25: So I tried another technique, this time courtesy of Sydney’s tutorial ( and tweaked a tiny bit by me). I really like this effect. More so than the last set I played with. I think I going to play around a little more and see. But I really do like these ones. 

I finally played into my recent magenta/ purple obsession. The scarf and the gloves came from completely separate places but the color matches perfectly. I’ve had them for a couple years now and I love wearing them together. 

There was some construction going on at the house across the street from me. One of the construction guys screamed over to me “you taking your own modeling shots?” Just to avoid trying to explain anything, I just said “yeah”. So he said “well, I’ve never seen that before.” And he continued to stand there and watch me. Awkward. 

But anyway, I went and saw HP7. Again. For the fourth time. I know what you’re thinking, I’m the coolest person ever. And yes, it was just as good as times 1, 2, and 3. And then boyfriend and I went out to dinner with his office-mate and his wife. We had Italian. I had risoto. It was good. 

And man, I wrote a lot today.