Day 4 - Date Night

January 4th, 2011

dress: Forever21, sweater: Anthropologie, socks: Express, wedges: Christian Louboutin, flower bracelet: Janet Rhodes, amber bracelet: Vintage (grandma’s)

30 for 30 remix-day 4: Yaaaaaay I’m outside. Thank god - I really hate taking indoor pictures. The lighting is terrible. Not that this is the absolute best either. I got all the way to the park only to see that none of the paths were cleared. Except for one. But that one was both a sheet of ice and really shadow-y. But I walked all the way there and, gosh darn-it, I was going to take the photos there. 

I’ve also played around with the look of the photos today too. Something a tad different than as of late. I can’t help it - photoshop is too much fun. I love playing around with all the different effects. 

So tonight is Friday night date night. Wohoo! So thats what I’m all dressed up for. I don’t usually wear this dress as is because it is suuuuper short. I usually wear a skirt over or under it. But hey, I thought I’d give it a go. At least I’m wearing tights, so my bum would’nt be completely exposed. 

I hope.