Day 4 - Sabre-ized



November 11th, 2010

sweatshirt: vintage (ebay), yellow shirt: JCrew, jeans: Gap, sunglasses: U.O, hair clip: Anthropologie, purse: Fossil, flats: Chanel

30 for 30 remix challenge - day 4: I was so happy when boyfriend came home from work super early today - because he could take my pictures! I don’t have a tripod or a remote, so when I take my own picture everyday its propping the camera up on whatever I can find,constantly pressing the button, and waiting for the timer. Its annoying. 

But anyway, its another Sabres game night! woo hoo! Plus - perfect just sweatshirt (no coat) weather, and a comfy day. So that’s how I arrived at this outfit.

When boyfriend got home, we took a trip to Best Buy so he could get his PS3 ( It should’ve been for a tripod and clicker, but whatever), and made dinner together. I worked a little on my projects, and now we are getting ready to watch the Sabres game! And now you have the minute by minute update about my day. Enjoy. 

And hey, if you are a Sabres fan, check out my Sabres tumblr