Day 8 - Primary


November 15th, 2010

cardigan: JCrew, top: Victoria’s Secret, belt: ?, pants: Gap, shoes: Mix NO. 6

30 for 30 remix - day 8: I waited too long to take my pictures today. boo. Not only that, but I waited until after dinner to take them… big mistake. I had my dinner all over me. Luckily, you can’t see it in the pictures. 

Sooooo it’s pretty colorful, to say the least. When I put on the red with the yellow, I figured I would see how many different colored items I could actually get in one outfit without looking too crazy. So, I added the blue. I even have some orange in there (under the red, not visible). The other day I went with mixing prints, today I went with mixing colors. 

I don’t know, even with all the color, I still feel like something is missing or off. Or maybe it is just the pictures I don’t like. What do you think?