DIY Envelope Clutch


-fabric and lining fabric. You will want a pretty sturdy fabric, like a vinyl, leather, or thicker home decor fabric. If your fabric is thinner, you may want a fabric stiffener or interfacing to add some stability.

-pattern (see below)

-sewing machine or needle and thread.

-magnetic clasp closure

As far as the pattern, It is up to you how big you want your clutch. All you have to do is draw out a rectangular shape with a triangular top, in the size that you want. Just make sure you add plenty of seam allowance, and don’t forget to add placement for your snaps! 

1. Lay out your pattern and cut out both your exterior and lining fabrics. 

2. I chose to add the bottom snap now, before sewing, so I could see where I was attaching it better. But it can be done just as easily later on, when I show the top snap being attached. You can’t attach the top snap yet, because it will get in the way of sewing.


From your pattern, mark where the snap goes on the wrong side of your outer fabric. Cut tiny slits where the prongs go. From the right side, insert the snap, then turn it over to the wrong side and press down the prongs. 

3. With right sides together, pin the lining to the outer fabric. Stitch in place, leaving a 3 or so inch open gap at the bottom. 

4. Clip the corners. Through the gap/hole you left on the bottom, turn your clutch right side out. 

5. Cut the slits of the lining only where the prongs of the top snap will go and insert the snap. Reach your hand up through the bottom gap, and press down the prongs. You can also do the bottom snap at this point if you didn’t do it before. Just make sure the bottom snap is attached to the outer fabric only. 

6. With your needle and thread, use an invisible stitch to close up the bottom gap. 

7. With right sides (outer fabric to outer fabric) together, fold up and pin clutch together. stitch close to the edge. 


Flip right side out, and you are done!