DIY Hair Arrows



-thin wooden dowels, cut to aprox 9 - 9 1/2 inches long

-pencil sharpener

-silver paint or marker

-washi tape





1. Use a pencil sharpener to shape the “tips” of your arrows. Don’t go all the way and make it too pointy! We don’t want it to be sharp and dangerous.

2. Use your silver paint or marker to paint the tips. 


3. The fun part - decorating your arrows! You can just as easily paint the sticks, but I chose to wrap mine in wash tape. 


4. Take your feathers, and cut along one side of the center part (if that makes sense). Cut as close to the middle as possible, without nipping that center part. This will ruin one side of the feather, but allow you to use the other side. Cut extras, just in case!


4. Ok, so this part proved trickier than I thought. Glueing the feathers to the stick. At first, I was just using a mode podge like glue - which was kind of holding the feathers, but not that well. I eventually ended up using super glue to fully secure them, after using the mode podge first to get them in place. And I did 3 feathers per stick, but you could just do 2, if you’d like. 


That’s it! Pull up your hair into a messy bun, and stick your arrows in there!