DIY Necklace Stands


I’ve been looking for some new displays for some shopHollyDolly items. And when I couldn’t find anything I really liked, I decided to make them myself! They are good display stands for jewelry designers, but would also be super cute for displaying your necklaces at home! Check out the supplies below, and see how to I put these together after the jump….


- plywood ( I just used craft plywood)

- thin wood stick for kickstands

- craft saw

- sandpaper

-paint or wood stain

-wood glue


1. Lightly draw out your desired shape onto your wood. I went with a basic design so it would be easier to cut out. But I think some rounded edges, or cute design details would be adorable!

2. Use a craft saw (or an actual saw if you are hardcore) to cut out your shape. It may be a little rough at first, but that is what the sandpaper is for. Use the sandpaper to smooth out and clean up your edges. 

3. Use paint or wood stain to add your design. I though about stripes, chevron, and little flowers, but eventually landed on a simple polka dot. 


4. Take your wooden stick, and rub one end against the sandpaper at an angle, until you have a bit of a slant. Cut the other end to your desired kickstand length.

5. glue your slanted edge to the back of your stand. Let dry completely before you attempt to stand your stand up. 

That’s it! Display your necklaces, and admire your handiwork.