DIY Ring Charm Bracelet


Did you guys happen to see that one bracelet on Jewelmint? You know, this one:

When I saw it, I immediately thought it was very cool idea. And I also thought it would be a perfect DIY. I have so many dainty little rings in my jewelry box, that while they still mean a lot to me, I don’t really wear anymore. So I thought it would be perfect to recycle them into a brand new piece of jewelry!


what you need:

- assorted old rings

-extra charms

-assorted size jump rings

-toggle clasp

-jewelry pliers


A step by step guide really isn’t needed for this one. Simply attach the rings and charms together with the jump rings until you have the look and length you are going for. Be as uniform or random as you want. Another good idea is to mix metals. If I would’ve had other jump rings than silver, I definitely would have used them.

IMG_6244 IMG_6497