worn on October 8th, 2011

So many possibilities came to mind when I saw that this months EBEW was DIY. I could’ve easily gone to any of the older projects I’ve done in the past, but I decided to take the opportunity to make something new. Specifically, finally perfect to ruffle blouse I’ve been working on. Granted, its still not exactly where I want it to be, it still needs a few pattern tweaks. But I still think its a step better than the first polka dot one I made ( see here). 

Bonus - the shorts are also a DIY from over the summer. And the bracelet is handmade - come see some of them in my shop!


Untitled-1IMG_4966 IMG_4841 IMG_4996

shirt: handmade

cardigan: JCrew

shorts: DIY-ed cut off Citizen of Humanity jeans

purse: Prada

bracelet: handmade, available in my shop

tights: Urban Outfitters

flats: Chanel