1. Why don’t I wear these jeans more?! I’m definitely a skinny jeans girl, but these wide legs are so fun to wear. Note to self: wear wide legs more often. 

2. I’ve been sick for the last 6 days or so, and was still not feeling so hot when these pictures were taken. But I’d been cooped up inside only thinking about how horrible I felt, and needed some fresh air. So I’m surprised how alive and human I actually look in the photos. Believe me, I did not feel that way. 

3. I’m so over winter for many, many reasons. But mainly because I’m running out of winter blog-worthy outfits. Its gonna start to become a repeat offender post every day if spring doesn’t hurry up. 

4. I really need a hair cut. It’s getting so long again. 

5. Yay it’s March!





hat: H&M

glasses: Warby Parker

scarf: H&M

coat: Old Navy // Buffalo Exchange

jeans: Gap 

tote: Louis Vuitton