Meet my posse: Winston, Sinclair, Sloan, Marlowe, and Jasper. 

I’m a glasses girl. I wear them every day. No really, every day. I hate contacts, and only wear them once or twice a year for specific occasions. So I take my frames collection very seriously. I mean, come one, they’re just like all other accessories. I don’t own just one necklace, or one pair of shoes. So why should I have only one pair of glasses? I match my frames to my outfit, so I need variety. And yeah, having a Warby Parker store so close is kind of dangerous for me, but I’m completely obsessed with them. 

When they’re on my face, I sometimes forget they are there. But I get a lot of questions about them. So I thought, for those of you interested, I would talk a little about my seeing eye friends :)….


Warby Parker, Sloan - These are the newest addition to my collection (thanks to a christmas gift card from my brother!) I absolutely adore the red color. Pops of red are my favorite pops :) (see me in them here). 

Warby Parker, Winston - Winston was my very first pair of Warbys, and they have a special place in my heart. I think they are the boldest on my collection, shape wise. They’re big and square, and have a pretty thick frame (see me in them here and here and here).  

Warby Parker, Jasper - I don’t know how I ever lived without prescription sunglasses. Seriously. If you wear glasses, but don’t have prescript sunglasses, you really need to look into it. It’s a life changer (see me in them here and here). 

BonLookMarlowe - Oh Marlowe. Marlowe doesn’t get nearly as much wear as they deserve. I should remedy that. The blue is SO pretty. And they are my only pair of Bonlook frames. For no reason other than Warby is nearby and more convenient. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Marlowe frames are available anymore (see me in them here and here and here). 

Warby Parker, Sinclair - Definitely my ‘every day’ frames. My go-to frames. I’m pretty sure they go with everything (see me in them here and here). 


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And now, for even more frames! These are a few more that I’m coveting, above.

Warby Parker’s Durand (#3) came in a close second when I recently purchased my red Sloans. And I’ve been obsessed with the Woow Rock Me frames (#1) from Vizio Optic ever since I wore them in their fall Lookbook. Sadly, they are just way too out of my budget :(. But Rivet and Sway’s Tilda frames (#6) look pretty similar in shape, too! 

So tell me, my fellow four eyes, what are your favorite frames?