Guest Blogger: Kate from O My Heart!

Hey everyone! I’m spending a little time at home for the holiday, as well as some wedding related activities. So in the meantime, I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up for you!

Today, we have Kate from O My Heart!, and her adorable work-wear :)

Hi lovely HollyDolly readers! My name is Kate and I run a personal style blog called O My Heart! Sweet Holly asked me to come entertain you guys for today while she is off for an extended 4th of July weekend! I live in Canada, so our Holiday was actually July 1st - Canada Day! Hoorah for long weekends all around though, I hope you all enjoyed yours! 

I generally work from home, but every once in a while I head to the main office for the day. This was one of those days, so I thought I would capture my ‘wear to work’ outfit. I ended up hiding under a cardigan for most of the day though, due to the freeeeezing office air conditioning! 

 Thanks so much to Holly for having me & to all of you for reading!! 


Thank you Kate!

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