Guest Post: Linda of Little Tin Soldier

Hey Everyone! While I’m away getting hitched and enjoying our honeymoon, I’ve asked a few friends to step in for me and keep HollyDolly alive and running.

Today we have Linda from Little Tin Soldier. Linda is the sweetest. And she has even had a part in my wedding planning (come back tomorrow for that)! But today, I’ve extended a virtual invitation, and asked her to come up with her best wedding guest outfit.

Hello, Holly Dolly readers! I’m Linda from Little Tin Soldier, and I’m absolutely tickled to be a virtual attendee at Holly’s wedding. Over the past couple of years, Holly has become my go-to crafting friend. She’s creative, sweet, and darling. I know she’s going to be a beautiful bride (a little bird might have shown me pictures).

Summer weddings are my favorite; they always include bright sunshine, pretty flowers, and cool treats. For weddings, keep your attire ladylike to ensure attention is focused on the most important lady— the bride! A polished sundress or a simple blouse and skirt combination in pastel colors work the best for me. I added a fun, handmade necklace because Holly loves arts and crafts, and the clutch easily holds a phone or digital camera for pictures.

Now, if we lived in England, I would top off the entire ensemble with an incredible fascinator, perhaps one with a little prancing pug and flowers. But instead of a crazy hat, I’ll bring along a sweet little card.

Congratulations to Holly and Zach!
Outfit details:
Top: Soft Joie
Skirt: Thrifted (silk)
Clutch: Andé (vintage)
Wedges: Nine West
Linda P.
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