October 28th, 2010

shirt: Anthropologie, skirt: U.O, socks: ?, flats: Chanel

Worn for: I gots my hairs cut!! At the beginning of summer, I had this brilliant idea to grow out my bangs. I wanted something different - or so I thought. I got pretty sick of it - so I went and had them chopped back off and I couldn’t be happier! I love my bangs. 

It was another weird day. 70 degree day smushed in between a few 45 degree days. But I’m not complaining. I had a nice day getting starbucks, relaxing in davis square, getting my hair cut, picking up some new hair products, and getting some yummy yummy, dinner (mmmm Chipotle). I actually got many compliments on this outfit while I was out. Well, mainly the socks - people loved these socks. Knee highs? yes please. Polka dot knee highs? heaven.