Worn on September 9th, 2011

Today is Boo’s birthday!! And I wore this out on friday. 

theres a connection, I swear. 

Boo told me that all he wanted for his birthday was a really nice, expensive, steak dinner. So thats what he got. I made reservations at Mooo, and we headed into Boston for the evening on friday. Mooo was gorgeous, and incredibly delicious. Oooooooh, so delicious. 

We continued his birthday weekend fun with a trip to Newburyport and the beach on saturday. But more on that wednesday. Today, when he gets home from work, he will have cupcakes and his choice for dinner waiting for him. 

Happy Birthday Boo!

IMG_1443 IMG_1463 IMG_1397

dress: RACHEL Rachel Roy, Macy’s

heels: Seychelles