Happy Travels

worn on April 2nd, 2011

Greetings from good ol’ Chaffee, NY. I’m home for a few days visiting family and what not. I love Buffalo, I really do. But its snowing. SNOWING. Really Buffalo? Thats enough of that. But yeah, I love being home. Family, Tim Hortons, The Buffalo Sabres, and early presents from my parents (even though I’ll also be home for my birthday too) :) So far it has been splendid. 

This is what I wore for my travels Saturday morning. Its pretty simple. But it was early, it was cold, I wasn’t feeling so good, and lets face it - traveling alone isn’t that fun. Easy peasy was the way to go. 

Boo told me to “get excited. You’re going home and going to a Sabres game.” This is what he got out of me:

jacket: Theory via Saks Off Fifth

tee and pants: Gap

scarf: Snoozer Loser

shoes: Blowfish

bag: Spotted Moth