I'm an Irish Baby

March 17th, 2011

Yeah, I’m Irish. I mean, my last name Keenan. But I don’t think I’m a very good Irishman. I don’t drink, for starters. And thats like pretty much all the Irish do, right? Plus, I don’t think I look very Irish. I can thank the Lebanese in me for my few dark features (p.s- dark hair + dark eyes + dark glasses + very sunny day = a big dark blob of a face in photos). Aaaaand I don’t own very many green items. The few I do, I just wasn’t feeling ‘em today. So I went for the accessories. The bow necklace is, of course, made by me (hey! visit my shop!). And my faithful little Prada purse rounded it out for about as much green as I could get out of me for today.

Fun little side note - that cardigan I’m wearing belonged to my grandma. She and my grandpa were the cutest little (and by little, I mean little. Like, leprechaun little) Irish couple I’d ever seen. Just sayin’.

cardigan: vintage (grandma’s)

tee: Express

jeans: Gap

necklace: Hollydoll

purse: Prada

wedges: Madden Girl